Annual Report


INTEGRA Holding Ltd. is an investment company owned to a minimum of 80% by the ORGU foundation, based in Sarnen in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden. The primary charter of the foundation is to:

  • Ensure the independence of INTEGRA Holding Ltd.
  • Undertake direct capital participation in Swiss companies domestically and abroad.
  • Reinvest profits in order to ensure research and development within the organization and to provide financing for innovations in traditional as well as new areas.

Review of the financial year 2020

About a year ago, the world was still in a state of normality. The 2020 financial year had begun very encouragingly and everyone was full of drive and confidence that the goals set could also be achieved. It felt like the COVID-19 pandemic was still limited to Asia and was thus very far away. But already in mid-March everything changed with the imposed hard lockdown. We had to switch from forward mode to crisis mode in a flash. Besides protecting the health of our employees, our primary goal was to be able to supply our customers on time at all times. At the same time, measures had to be taken to cushion the economic damage that threatened to result from the lockdown and its consequences. Moreover, these measures could not jeopardize the strategic development of the companies.

Fortunately, it was possible to compensate for the shortfalls incurred during the lockdown by the end of 2020, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the company. Thanks to the measures, which varied greatly from company to company, the 2020 financial year closed with an absolute record despite the challenging circumstances.