Annual Report


INTEGRA Holding Ltd. is an investment company owned to a minimum of 80% by the ORGU foundation, based in Sarnen in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden. The primary charter of the foundation is to:

  • Ensure the independence of INTEGRA Holding Ltd.
  • Undertake direct capital participation in Swiss companies domestically and abroad.
  • Reinvest profits in order to ensure research and development within the organization and to provide financing for innovations in traditional as well as new areas.

Review of the 2017 financial year

2017 was both a very positive and a very challenging financial year for the Integra Group. The Integra Biosciences Group, Signal Group as well as Integra Engineering India ended the financial year with record results. The business of Sitek, which simultaneously completed the production of its new plant, developed successfully as well.

Integra Immobilien AG can look back on a stable operating performance, whereby the activities on a superordinate level were strongly shaped by the finalisation of the design plans for Wil and Wallisellen. The revised design plan for Wallisellen was approved by the municipal assembly on 6 December, which lays the foundation for a successful, long-term further development of the premises in Wallisellen.