Construction Start of School Building in Public Private Partnership


In the immediate vicinity of Wallisellen railway station, in the heart of INTEGRASquare, Switzerland's first primary school building in a public private partnership is being built

Where INTEGRA originated more than 100 years ago in the heart of IntegraSquare the school community of Wallisellen and INTEGRA Immobilien AG are building what is probably the first primary school building in Switzerland, which will be built as part of a public private partnership.

The construction of this primary school building pays tribute to the rapid urban development and the emerge of an impressively large housing offer south of the tracks of Wallisellen. Until a few years ago, people worked here and lived in the north. Companies such as INTEGRA AG and SIGNUM AG were at that time largely responsible for the development of the once rural village into an important place of work north of Zurich. Until the turn of the millennium, the southern part of the tracks was still mainly industrial.

Siemens Mobility still produces its rail safety systems at this location. The first 150 flats - built around 10 years ago at INTEGRASquare - were followed by hundreds of other flats in recent years in the area between Wallisellen station and Dübendorf. Considering the resulting sharp increase in the number of inhabitants and pupils, the creation of additional school space is essential. To this end, INTEGRA Immobilien AG, owner of INTEGRASquare, has agreed to build a primary school building in the heart of INTEGRASquare for long-term use, tailored to the specific needs of the school community of Wallisellen. The financing of the basic expansion is provided by INTEGRA Immobilien AG; the tenant expansion is financed by the school of Wallisellen.

With a total building volume of around 23,000 m3, the spatial program of the new primary school building includes 12 classrooms, special education rooms, rooms for workshops, for teachers, as well as a simple gym on the top floor and an outdoor sports field on the roof. The multifunctional multi-purpose room for up to 200 people will also be available for use by associations and the general public. The rooms required for childcare outside of regular school hours, such as lunch table and day care center, are designed for future school operations. The recreation facilities for students are complemented by a further roof terrace on the 4th floor.

In addition to the school building, the layout of INTEGRASquare will be expanded in the coming years, along with high and low buildings as well as streets and squares, so that living and working will be combined in a natural way. The shed hall which is under protection remains an important anchor and industrial equipment. The new primary school building will undoubtedly become the future hub as all roads lead past it. The volumetric staggering of the building with its different roof terraces gives the school a distinctive, concise expression. Some two and a half years after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two partners and an intensive joint planning phase, the foundation stone was laid on 24 August 2020.

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