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In the marine industry, Aquametro AG has had many years of experience in fuel oil measurement and expanded the marine business in Asia and Europe over the last years. With immediate effect, the well-known Aquametro team will operate under the new brand "Aquametro Oil & Marine AG". This new and independent business unit will allow us to be even more focussed to meet the high requirements of our marine business customers all over the world.

Aquametro Oil & Marine AG is a leading company in fuel oil consumption measurement and performance monitoring systems in marine business. Besides fuel oil meters, we are experts for viscosity measurement and control, shaft power measurement, monitoring and management systems for fuel performance and change-over units for fuel (HFO to MDO and vice versa). Our monitoring and management systems are modular and can be upgraded with report generator and storage, simple analysing systems or emailing on-shore with necessary reports.

With service stations for marine industry in Switzerland, Germany, UAE, South Korea, USA, Singapore and India we provide you our best and professional service wherever needed.

Get to know following products:

Fuel oil meter with mass flow calculation.
Fuel Management is one of the hottest topics since many years. Registration of Fuel Consumption is required for environmental and efficiency purposes. The new CONTOIL® VZF II flow meters with integrated temperature sensor, provides temperature compensated flowrate and calculated MASS-FLOW.

Fuel management without compromise.
The Diesel Switch is a fuel management system which helps you to comply with MARPOL regulation. It controls fully automatically the change-over and blending process on board your good vessel and will manage additional processes within your fuel system.
Protect your engine - no human risk!

Sludge reduction and fuel quality improvement.
The Homogenizer is a dynamic milling machine which can be used in the fuel system on board ships. It is designed to improve your fuel quality which will lead to a better combustion and less maintenance. Furthermore, it can reduce sludge in case of fuel incompatibility and increase the amount of burnable fuel in case of bad fuel quality. The Homogenizer has a high saving potential.

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