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INTEGRA Metering

Your partner for measuring systems.

Since 1928 Integra Metering Ltd. stands for metering technology based on generations of quality products and the targeted supply of practical solutions.

As a partner for measuring systems in the areas of water supply, thermal energy, and data management, INTEGRA Metering works with its clients to develop new products and to optimise existing systems. INTEGRA Metering also supports the installation of its products and offers a complete service package – everything swiss made.

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Our History

  • 1928: Aquametro Ltd. is founded in Basel
  • 1972: Aquametro Belgium s.p.r.l. is founded in Brussels
  • 1986: Approved as test center for Swiss verification
  • 1988: Aquametro Messtechnik GmbH is founded in Germany
  • 1997: accreditation of the test center according to EN45000 (water, heat, oil)
  • 2004: Aquametro Representative Office is founded in Tokyo/Japan
  • 2007: Aquametro Korea Ltd. is founded in Busan/Korea
  • 2009: Aquametro (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. is founded in Singapore
  • 2010: Aquametro (China) Pte Ltd. is founded in Shanghai
  • 2012: Foundation of Aquametro in Dubai/UAE
  • 2013: Aquametro Marine GmbH is founded in Rostock/Germany
  • 2017: Carve-out of the Oil & Marine business in the newly foundes Aquametro Oil & Marine Group
  • 2017: Merger with the French Yzatec S.A.S.
  • 2017: Renaming into INTEGRA Metering Ltd. and new Swiss subsidiary Aquametro AG

Our Product Portfolio

  • Cold and hot water single-jet-, multi-jet and Woltman meters as well as ultrasound and magnetic-inductive meters
  • Compact heat meter and thermal energy measurement systems with mechanical or static flow meters
  • Data management: mobile meter data reading,wireless readout, data monitoring and logger, mobile temporary measurement units
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The awareness for the variety of specific requirements, which Integra Metering encounters throughout the world – whether technologically, ecologically, culturally or businesswise – defines the company’s way of doing business. Its closeness to the market is based on its constant readiness to break new ground in its quest for optimum solutions. The experience and skills the company has gained in this way are adopted in its daily work by its operatives in Switzerland as well as the representatives throughout the world.

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Water supply companies, residential/business construction, public and industrial buildings/systems, industry and process companies, heat/combined heat and power plants, solar, heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems, boilers and industrial furnaces.

Key Figures

  • Integra Metering has currently 198 employees.
  • Operating revenues 2021: CHF 36.8 Mio.