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Preserving values.
Sharing visions.

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Preserving values.
Sharing visions.

Integra Holding Ltd. is a Swiss financial holding company with shareholdings in a variety of markets at home and abroad.

The current Integra portfolio comprises participations in real estate, flow metering and energy measuring technology, life science laboratory equipment technologies, road signing and marking solutions, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering. Integra Holding's main shareholder is a foundation under Swiss law. Its foremost objective is to support innovative companies by co-financing future-oriented, new developments.

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On behalf of the ORGU Foundation, we preserve and develop the Group’s investments in line with the founding father’s objectives. Our objectives include continuing to independently grow the existing business lines of real estate, energy measurement technology, laboratory equipment, transportation technology and contract manufacturing. In addition to preserving industry in Switzerland, we also plan to increasingly seek growth internationally.

Annual Report

INTEGRA Holding Ltd. is an investment company owned to a minimum of 80% by the ORGU foundation, based in Sarnen in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden.

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