Overview of the INTEGRA Group

Integra Holding Ltd. is a Swiss management holding company with shareholdings in a variety of markets at home and abroad. The current Integra portfolio comprises participations in real estate, flow metering and energy measuring technology, life science laboratory equipment technologies, road signing and marking solutions, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering.

The INTEGRA Group at a glance

Society Board of Directors Management
INTEGRA Holding AG Adrian Oehler, President
Martin Folini, Vice President
Philip Bodmer
Gian-Luca Bona
Annette Heimlicher
Clemens Ruckstuhl
Adrian Oehler
INTEGRA Immobilien AG Adrian Oehler, President
Franz Haudenschild
Clemens Ruckstuhl
Dominik Weber
Adrian Oehler
INTEGRA Biosciences Holding AG

INTEGRA Biosciences AG (Zizers, CH)

INTEGRA Biosciences Corp. (Hudson NH, US)

INTEGRA Biosciences SAS (Cergy-Pontoise Cedex, F)

INTEGRA Biosciences Ltd. (Thatcham, UK)

INTEGRA Biosciences Deutschland GmbH (Biebertal, GER)

INTEGRA Biosciences (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, CHN)

INTEGRA Biosciences KK (Tokyo, J)
Adrian Oehler, President
Gary Nelson, Vice President
Philip Bodmer
Elmar Morscher
Prof. Dr. Roger Nitsch
John Warren
Urs Hartmann

INTEGRA Metering SAS (Blagnac, F)

INTEGRA Metering AG DMCC (Dubai, UAE)

Aquametro AG (Therwil, CH)

Aquametro Messtechnik GmbH (Bremen, GER)

Aquametro Belgium Sprl (Sterrebeek, B)

Bill 24 AG (Therwil, CH)
Dieter Brunner, President
Adrian Oehler, Vice President
Gian-Luca Bona
Roland Obrist
Alain Ramond
Oliver Jud
Aquametro Oil & Marine AG

Aquametro Oil & Marine GmbH (Rostock-Warnemünde, GER)

Aquametro Oil & Marine (SEA) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, SG)

Aquametro Oil & Marine Korea Ltd. (Busan, KOR)

Aquametro Oil & Marine (China) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore,SG)

Aquametro Oil & Marine Representative Office India, Mumbai (IND)

Aquametro Oil & Marine Representative Office Japan,Tokyo (J)
Corinne Ruckstuhl, President
Adrian Oehler
Frank Kunkel
Mads Soerensen
Axel Schulz
Signal AG

Segnaletica Mordasini SA (Sementina, CH)
Adrian Oehler, President
Martin Bütikofer
Martin Lenz
Ernst Moser
Peter Fankhauser
INTEGRA Sitek AG Corinne Ruckstuhl, President
Martin Folini
Werner Gertsch
Peter Riedweg
Urs Rutz
INTEGRA Engineering (India) Ltd.

INTEGRA Systems Private Ltd. (Halol, IND)
Corinne Ruckstuhl, President
Adrian Oehler
Rahul G. Divan
Shalin Divatia
Bhargav Patel
Mahendra Sanghvi
Bhavin Kariya