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INTEGRA Real Estate

Your partner for real estate.

Integra Real Estate Ltd.: Develop, Build, Rent and Advise.

Integra Real Estate Ltd. has its office on the premises of the IntegraSquare in Wallisellen and manages the properties of the Integra pension fund. It also develops, builds and rents its own real estates. The company is also responsible for the administration of all properties of the affiliated companies of the Integra Holding. Integra Real Estate also provides construction management services to others.

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Our History

  • Integra Real Estate Ltd. was founded in 1939 under the name Corbawa Ltd. with its main business focussed on property funding of the Integra group.
  • In 1987 the company took over the management of its own properties and those of the pension fund.
  • 1991 the company name was changed to Integra real estate.
  • In 1993 the Integra Real Estate, IBAG Real Estate Büren Ltd. and IS real estate Ltd. were consolidated under the Integra Real Estate Ltd.
  • In 2003 the decision to develop the IntegraSquare in Wallisellen was taken.
  • In 2005, the new headquarters at Hammerweg 1 in the IntegraSquare area was occupied.
  • The first residential phase was completed in 2009.
  • A milestone in the strategic direction of the company was the development of the IntegraSquare in Wallisellen by which the Integra Real Estate obtained a stronger focus on renting to third parties.
  • Various new construction projects are currently being planned and realized in Münchenbuchsee, Wallisellen and Zizers.

Our Product Portfolio

  • 9 properties with 104 apartments and 8 industrial estates.
  • IntegraSquare Wallisellen with more than 150 apartments and 35.000 m2 commercial space and a school building for 12 primary school classes.
  • Integra Real Estate also provides construction management services to others.
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One of the main emphases of the Integra Real Estate is to make sure that its customers are satisfied and optimally taken care of. By doing so, it relies on the skills and competencies of its employees. The experienced team fosters a family-like atmosphere and comprises specialists, who work independently and solution oriented.

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Subsidiaries of Integra Holding, private renters, Siemens, NetApp, Bauwerk Parkett and other service companies.

Key Figures

  • Integra Real Estate has currently 10 employees.
  • Operating revenues 2023: CHF 16.1 Mio.