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Preserving values.
Sharing visions.

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Preserving values.
Sharing visions.

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Preserving values.
Sharing visions.

Integra Holding Ltd. is a Swiss management holding company with shareholdings in a variety of markets at home and abroad.

The current Integra portfolio comprises participations in real estate, flow metering and energy measuring technology, life science laboratory equipment technologies, road signing and marking solutions, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Integra Holding's main shareholder is a foundation under Swiss law. Its foremost objective is to support innovative companies by co-financing future-oriented, new developments.

Our History

Founding of the first companies

The activities of Integra go back to the 30ies of the twenties century. The founder Adolf Gutzwiller aimed at establishing important industries in Switzerland to foster the country’s independence from abroad.

Thus he founded in 1928 Wasserzählerfabrik Basel (today’s Aquametro Ltd.) producing water meters, in 1936 Agrar Ltd. for the production of agriculture machinery, in 1945 Integra Ltd. for the development and project management of railway signaling systems, in 1946 SIGNAL Ltd. in the field of road signing and marking, and various other companies.

Continuous development

During the course of time the portfolio of Integra Holding has developed further. In 1991 Integra Signum was acquired by Siemens and Agrar was sold in 2001. But also new participations were added, such as Integra Biosciences Group acquired in 1986 and Integra Engineering India taken over in 2011. 2016 then the stake in Yzatec SAS. In 2017, the spin-off of Aquametro's Oil & Marine business into Aquametro Oil & Marine AG took place. Also in 2017: Aquametro AG's merger of the water and energy sectors with Yzatec to become Integra Metering AG.

  1. 1915

    Order to build up a Swiss railway safety industry

  2. 1917

    management of Swiss signal box factory Wallisellen

  3. 1919

    Foundation Signum Ltd.

  4. 1928

    Foundation Aquametro Ltd.

  5. 1932

    Foundation Emaillerie Corgémont

  6. 1936

    Foundation Agrar Ltd.

  7. 1945

    Foundation Integra AG

  8. 1946

    Foundation Signal Ltd., Integra Holding Ltd.

  9. 1950

    Foundation ORGU foundation

  10. 1955

    Full indipendence of Integra

    death of A. Gutzwiller

  11. 1986

    Takeover INTEGRA Biosciences Ltd.

  12. 1987

    Foundation INTEGRA Hindustan as JV with ABB

  13. 1991

    Sale of Integra Signum Ltd. to Siemens

  14. 1996

    Sale of Emalco Group

  15. 1999

    Sale of Agrar Ltd.

  16. 2002

    Restructuring INTEGRA Biosciences Group

  17. 2008

    Buyout of JV partner ABB at INTEGRA Hindustan

  18. 2009

    Merger INTEGRA Biosciences Ltd. with Viaflo Corp.

  19. 2010

    Takeover Schlafhorst Engineering India

  20. 2012

    Merger INTEGRA India Group Ltd. with INTEGRA Engineering India Ltd.

  21. 2014

    Takeover of the remaining 50% of Signal AG.

  22. 2016

    Participation in Yzatec SAS

  23. 2017

    Spin-off of the Aquametro Oil X Marine business into Aquametro Oil X Marine AG

    Merger of Aquametro AG's water and energy businesses with Yzatec to become INTEGRA Metering AG

  24. 2019

    Successful merger of Sitek AG with Marcel Bützer AG

  25. 2020

    Aquametro Oil & Marine AG takes over the majority of the subsidiaries in Singapore and China

  26. 2022

    Renaming of Sitek AG to Integra Sitek AG

Our Philosophy

On behalf of the ORGU Foundation, we preserve and develop the Group’s investments in line with the founding father’s objectives

Our objectives include continuing to independently grow the existing business lines of real estate, energy measurement technology, laboratory equipment, transportation technology and contract manufacturing. In addition to preserving industry in Switzerland, we also plan to increasingly seek growth internationally. We further invest into additional majority holdings in promising technology-driven production companies in our business segments.

We share a vision

With targeted investments in new, pioneering products and growth markets, in line with our financial and organizational resources, we intend to achieve sustainable and above-average profitable growth – financially, geographically, as well as in terms of our personnel. Our real estate holdings in Switzerland comprise the stable, anchoring core of our portfolio.

Our mission is innovation

Our passion is to promote innovation, while also continuing to remain independent at all times. Our ambition is to generate jobs and value that benefit all our stakeholders by means of long-term oriented and sustainable growth of the Integra Group companies, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Our Management Principles


We act with integrity and show solidarity

When dealing with our surroundings, our actions are guided by integrity, honesty, diligence and fairness. The collaboration between our staff and our stakeholders is characterised by mutual respect. Our success is based on mutual trust. Both internally and externally, we put a major emphasis on appreciation and loyalty toward each other. Total reliability and teamwork are very important to us and we try to exemplify these values on a daily basis.



We are innovative and always seek to improve

We actively question the status quo and are always looking to improve. We dare to be transparent, are open-minded and seek creative and intelligent solutions. Our company, and the mindset of our employees, are characterised by innovation.



We are success and performance-oriented

Commitment and continuous improvement guarantee that our companies deliver top quality. Our management is tough yet fair. Performance counts. We are an attractive employer because we do not just challenge employees, we also foster their development. Corporate goals are more important than personal goals.



We display entrepreneurial courage but are also very much aware of risks

Our actions are guided by strong leadership and entrepreneurship. We seize opportunities, act quickly and decisively but also carefully weigh risks. We are conscious of our responsibility and always stay humble. Stability and sustainability are more important than quick, short-term growth.



We enthusiastically work to achieve our common goals and do so with a smile

We make future-oriented decisions in line with the goals of the founder of the Integra Group – because the successful, long-term existence and independence of the Group will always be our top priority. In the process, we interact with our social environment and use natural resources responsibly and make sustainable, long-term decisions.


Code of Conduct

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