At lntegra, we believe that sustainability is not only our moral obligation but our duty for the pathway to a healthier and more prosperous world for generations to come. We are dedicated to driving positive change and embracing responsi- bility for the environment across all our holding companies. As part of our steadfast vision and mission, we have embarked on a transformative journey towards climate neutrality. We are building fundaments to measure our emissions and set quantitative reduction targets for the mid term.

Through our business models and innovative technologies and by implementing innovative strategies, and fostering a culture of environ- mental stewardship, we aim to not only mitigate our carbon footprint but also set pioneering examples within our industries and generate enhanced value for all stakeholders by harmonizing societal, environmental, and economic needs. This persistent dedication to sustainability under- scores our vision for a greener, more sustainable future, aiming that lntegra becomes a catalyst for positive environmental impact in the long term. lntegra contributes to various UN goals.

Pillars of our sustainability strategy based on materiality analysis

Climate Action & Efficient use of Resources

Integra is setting out on the path to climate neutrality (net zero) and will measure its corporate carbon footprint. This includes:

› Decarbonizationstrategy across the group
› Wastereductionandrecycling
› Energyefficiency
› Companyfacilitystandards

Sustainable Products and Services

Integra offers products and servi- ces of high quality, positive impact, and durability. This includes:

› Eco-designguidelinesfor new products
› Life Cycle Assessment of certain products
› Further development of know-how revolving eco-design, circular products and services

Employees at Heart

Integra strives to be an employer of choice where people are front and center. This includes:

› Continuousimprovement of workplace safety
› Continuous improvement of work conditions, performance culture and cultivation of inclusive work environments

Integrity and Transparency

Integra acts based on its values and lives its Code of Conduct. This includes:

› Signedcommitmentofall employees and suppliers to the Code of Conduct
› ESG targets (currently being defined) and review on progress as part of yearly controlling