At Integra our strategy is long-term oriented and sustainable, we care for our teams and leadership. We profoundly believe that people make the difference.


We act with integrity and show solidarity

When dealing with our surroundings, our actions are guided by integrity, honesty, diligence and fairness. The collaboration between our staff and our stakeholders is characterised by mutual respect. Our success is based on mutual trust. Both internally and externally, we put a major emphasis on appreciation and loyalty toward each other. Total reliability and teamwork are very important to us and we try to exemplify these values on a daily basis.


We enthusiastically work to achieve our common goals and do so with a smile

We make future-oriented decisions in line with the goals of the founder of the Integra Group – because the successful, long-term existence and independence of the Group will always be our top priority. In the process, we interact with our social environment and use natural resources responsibly and make sustainable, long-term decisions.


We are success and performance-oriented

Commitment and continuous improvement guarantee that our companies deliver top quality. Our management is tough yet fair. Performance counts. We are an attractive employer because we do not just challenge employees, we also foster their development. Corporate goals are more important than personal goals.


We are innovative and always seek to improve

We actively question the status quo and are always looking to improve. We dare to be transparent, are open-minded and seek creative and intelligent solutions. Our company, and the mindset of our employees, are characterised by innovation.


We display entrepreneurial courage but are also very much aware of risks

Our actions are guided by strong leadership and entrepreneurship. We seize opportunities, act quickly and decisively but also carefully weigh risks. We are conscious of our responsibility and always stay humble. Stability and sustainability are more important than quick, short-term growth.

Code of Conduct

At Integra, we recognize that adherence to high legal, ethical and moral standards is critical to our success. In addition to complying with national and international laws and regulations, we also aim to demonstrate the highest possible integrity in our conduct.

The Code of Conduct describes the general standards of business conduct that Integra expects from its employees and suppliers.