Vision and mission

Our objectives include continuing to independently grow the existing business lines of real estate, energy measurement technology, laboratory equipment, transportation technology and contract manufacturing. In addition to preserving industry in Switzerland, we also plan to increasingly seek growth internationally. We further invest into additional majority holdings in promising technology-driven production companies in our business segments.

We share a vision

With targeted investments in new, pioneering products and growth markets, in line with our financial and organizational resources, we intend to achieve sustainable and above-average profitable growth – financially, geographically, as well as in terms of our personnel. Our real estate holdings in Switzerland comprise the stable, anchoring core of our portfolio.

Our mission is innovation

Our passion is to promote innovation, while also continuing to remain independent at all times. Our ambition is to generate jobs and value that benefit all our stakeholders by means of long-term oriented and sustainable growth of the Integra Group companies, both in Switzerland and abroad.

On the way to a better future

ORGU Foundation

We promote innovative technologies to create a better future.


By promoting innovation, we create a positive impact. We enable long-term oriented and sustainable growth in all strategic business segments. We create employment as well as value for all stakeholders. In the spirit of the founding father and on behalf of the ORGU Foundation, Integra Holding AG preserves and develops the group's investments, both in Switzerland and abroad. We attach greater importance to the long-term effects of our actions than short-term financial results. Our focus is on people.

Integra Biosciences aims to simplify processes in the field of research and thus supports science. With its equipment, it enables customers to make their workflows more reliable, thereby accelerating progress in basic research and diagnostics.

Integra Immobilien offers the innovation leaders workspace and creates space for science.

As a supplier, Integra Sitek supports numerous companies in research and medicine.

As the Swiss market leader for signaling, infor- mation, road marking and traffic control, Signal creates intelligent infrastructure.

Integra Metering's innovative flow and energy meters use the latest technologies to make cities and infrastructures smarter.

Aquametro make ship infrastrucutre smarter with its monitoring systems.

Integra Engineering contributes to the moderni- zation of Indian infrastructure with its products for the railroad sector.

All Integra Immobilien projects use smart building infrastructure.

As a supplier, Integra Sitek supports numerous companies in smart infrastructure.

By improving trafic flow Signal reduces polution.

Integra Metering's innovative flow and energy meters help to control and reduce water and energy consumption.

Aquametro helps its customers to control and sustainably reduce emissions with systems for measuring and reducing fuel consumption for the marine and industrial sectors.

By supporting the electrification of the Indian railways Integra Engineering India is helping to reduce polution.

Integra Immobilien focuses on smart infras- tructure and low energy consumption in all its projects.

Annual report

Integra Holding AG is a holding company in which at least 80% is held by the ORGU Foundation based in Sarnen, Canton Obwalden.